Hi, I'm Erin. I founded Ellis + Eyre to support higher education professionals who feel like they are drowning in a sea of impossibilities and expectations.  
Ellis + Eyre believes in the singular and sacred functions our colleges and universities perform to advance society. Selling educations is not one of these functions. Yet, as the world's digital transformation accelerates, our colleges are under immense pressure to keep pace with increasingly limited resources. Ellis + Eyre helps level this field by providing specialized marketing expertise at a fraction of the cost that digital sophistication usually demands. 
Ellis + Eyre is the brainchild of Erin Lyons, one of the most experienced digital marketing strategists in higher education. For more than 25 years, Erin has helped universities and colleges of all sizes and ranks level up, reach new audiences, and meet their most important business goals. 
After working as a director of development and communications for Harvard University, Erin earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College and now works with some of the top institutions world-wide. Many years ago, she interned for marketing guru Seth Godin — about the same time she started writing for University of Chicago, Notre Dame, and Lipman Hearne. She is originally from Chicago and has lived and worked in New York City, Boston, London, and DC. Now she is happily based in Vermont ... in a barn ... on a trout stream ... in the Green Mountains.
What We Do Best 
Handle your hot mess of a website.
Create turnkey kits to launch your new academic program.
Help you put butts in seats. Online, hybrid, and on-campus seats.
Talk to the deans and cabinet about ROI for marcom projects.
Track down faculty for input.
Relieve beleaguered marcom directors.
Make people click links and open emails.
Keep up with Google's SERP algorithms.
Translate stuff for web developers and designers.
Find out what your peers are saying and then say it better.
Price our services at a fraction of what agencies charge.

About Our Name
The name Ellis + Eyre was inspired by the Brontë sisters. Ellis Bell was Emily Brontë's pen name and Eyre is a nod to Charlotte Brontë's famous heroine, Jane Eyre. The Brontës were fearless women and expert communicators with liberal arts backgrounds—as are many of the marketing directors in higher education with whom we work. If Emily, Anne, or Charlotte were living today, they might very well be writing and reading novels at night while wrangling university websites and press releases by day.  


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