There's so much more to product description writing than you'd think. You have to tell the brand's story while describing the features and benefits of the product itself in just a few sentences. Product descriptions optimized for conversion also include styling and product use suggestions—anything that makes the end-user envision owning the item. I also embed all my descriptions with long-tail keywords based on my own in-depth SEO research. And before writing a single product description, I prefer to establish a content strategy first, which is what I did for Anji Mountain. 

200+ product descriptions with embedded SEO and CRO text
Product title creation, care instructions, feature bullets, manufacturing stories
Product video scripts
Content strategy report, 37 pages
Competitor positioning analysis
Customized formats for major e-tailers (Wayfair, Target, Home Depot, Houzz, Walmart)
Key marketing messages
B2B talking points
Elevator pitch
Tone copy
Keyword research (long-tail and primary)
Market opportunity identification
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