The Nuclear Energy Institute ( in Washington, DC, is the main advocacy organization for the nuclear energy industry. When they hired Fastspot ( to redesign their entire site, Fastspot approached me to write top-level advocacy content for NEI. I conducted research, interviewed subject matter experts, crafted messaging and content strategy for 25 pages, and wrote over 30,000 words of original content for this beautiful, responsive new site. 
Content writing for Advantages of Nuclear landing page at

"Advantages of Nuclear Energy" landing page for Design by, 2018.

Writing for policymakers, lawmakers, and key influencers in the energy industry sharpened my ability to write succinct, persuasive copy. Most of these target readers might spend five seconds max reading a page or a briefing, so my writing had to be sharp and immediately engaging. And yes, I do know a sh*t load about nuclear energy now and think it definitely should play a bigger part in America's energy mix. ;)
Copywriting for Air Quality page at

"Air Quality" page in "Advantages" section for Design by, 2018.

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